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    Custom designed products for various fields.

    „Sintec Sol” is a package of integrated modules in the "Diagram" framework application which implements accounts, business, management and human resources activity in an economic or public institution.

    „Diagram” is a concept whereby the establishment of a trader (with departments and staff with clearly defined functions) is identically transposed into the computer system. Departments are "populated" with specific work done modules, connected to each other so that eventually the computer system to be an identical abstract copy of the business entity, as the entire system would be a unique project for the company or institution. "Diagram" is "a machine" in which each passenger has custom seat.

    "Diagram" is built in an architecture on three levels: database (1), application server and services (2), client component (3), architecture that guarantees security regarding the storage and data access and synchronization of customer activities. The user will have direct access to the database only through the "Administrator" account. This account will be known only by the IT Officer Employer.

    Database used (1) is SQL standard, the current implementation is for MS SQL.

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